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Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits - Corolla NC Family Pictures Currituck
Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits - Corolla NC Family Pictures Currituck

We met the lovely 'F' family in Corolla for beach portraits this past summer.  This beautiful family travels to the Outer Banks of North Carolina each year from NJ - it's tradition!  This month this incredibly sweet couple is celebrating their 50th anniversary and chose family pictures to commemorate this special occasion rather than the usual party.  I love this! I so enjoyed every phone conversation leading up to and following our time together.  It felt like I was talking with family each and every time, a testament to how amazing they truly are! Extra special is that I would speak with them as a couple.  They would each get on an extension.  How sweet is that?!The kids and grandkids live about an hour away from their grandparents, yet they are a very close family and spend lots of time together. The girls are major softball players from what I’ve been told. Like world series players! There is a world series in Virginia they've attended. Their dad was almost a professional baseball player and helps with coaching the girls. Grandma is so proud of all of them!Family photos are so important to all in this family!The kids and grandkids do family pictures each year for Christmas cards.  Grandma creates albums for each grandchild every year for their birthday. As soon as I heard this, I knew they were the perfect clients. These Outer ...

Happy Holidays
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits - Corolla NC Family Pictures Currituck

The studio is currently closed for the holiday season.  Please click the button below.  We wish you the happiest of holiday seasons!  

Hampton Roads Senior Portraits - Glam in the Studio for Rebecca
Monday, November 06, 2017
Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits - Corolla NC Family Pictures Currituck

Rebekah, Currituck County High Class of 2018, is one of our senior models.  We usually begin with a studio session for each model, but this didn't happen with Rebekah.  I'm not sure why.  I was, however, thrilled to have her and her mom to the studio recently. It's no secret - the studio is my favorite place!  And these images are exactly why.  Rebekah and her mom, Tess, were able to view the images as they were created, as was I.  We were able to make posing and lighting adjustments along the way, and Rebekah and Tess were able to choose their favorites before leaving the studio.  They even chose the image for the casual section of the yearbook.  Can you guess which of these it is? Working in the studio also gives me the opportunity to be a bit more creative.  This last image is the result of me playing with the light.  Since Rebekah is involved in drama, I wanted to try something a bit more dramatic.  Rebekah also knew she wanted something with the olive colored sofa.  While it definitely gets used for client meetings, I have not yet used the sofa as a prop.  That changed today! I had so much fun with Rebekah and Tess!  I cannot wait for all of our senior models to have their selection and ordering appointments so we can share more of their images!  Soon!  :)  

Hampton Roads Senior Portraits - Ryan Currituck County High School Class of 2018
Thursday, November 02, 2017
Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits - Corolla NC Family Pictures Currituck

Back in March, Ryan, a soccer player for Currituck County High School, attended the Currituck Chamber of Commerce's Business Expo with his parents.  While there, they saw our work in our booth and, knowing Ryan would need senior portraits this year, bid on our donation to the silent auction.  And they won!  I enjoyed meeting them at the expo and looked forward to working with them.  We had the design consultation with Ryan's mom, Susan, in April and scheduled his session for this fall.  They wanted a location with water as they enjoy boating, and of course they wanted to incorporate Ryan's love of soccer.  We finally scheduled Ryan's session for the end of September, and I was thrilled when Susan chose a location I suggested with no questions.  I had a great time with Ryan, Susan, and Ryan's father, Sid.  Sid was an excellent assistant!  I love when both mom and dad come to their senior's session! I get to put them to work.  LOL  It is nice to have extra hands - we utilized off camera lighting in every single image for this session, even "creating the sun" for some, something I've wanted to do for some time now.  Those who are familiar with the CCHS soccer field will know that the sun doesn't hit it quite how we created it for these images.  The field was in fact in complete shadow by the time we got ...

Northeastern NC Senior Portraits - Ryan, Currituck County High School Class of 2018
Monday, October 23, 2017
Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits - Corolla NC Family Pictures Currituck

Introducing Ryan, Currituck County High School Class of 2018. We had Ryan's selection and ordering appointment over the weekend.  I know his mom is waiting to share images with loved ones, so I thought I would share a quick sneak peek of some of her favorites.  We're in the process of finalizing the design of his products, and I have to say that I love what Ryan's mom chose.  I cannot wait to share! The first and last images here - yeah, those are my favorites, too!  And when Susan said, several times, "that's so him!" I was thrilled.  I feel I've done my job well when I hear those magical words.  :)