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Hampton Roads Family Portraits - Virginia Beach Family Pictures
Sunday, June 03, 2018
Hampton Roads Family Portraits - Virginia Beach Family Pictures

Virginia Beach, specifically the Great Neck area - I've been to the area twice in the last month to photograph clients. This morning I made the trek to photograph this beautiful family!  Unfortunately, we were missing some family members (from out of town and ill), but we continued without them.  It was hot!  The littles, all boys, were not exactly excited about family portraits, and neither were their dads.  So no, we did not have the best of conditions.  Sound like your fears when you consider doing family portraits? They planned to do the portraits in grandma's backyard.  Working as quickly as I could, we decided on the front yard once I arrived.  While everyone was indeed hot, they didn't melt.  I baked in the sun, however, and felt as though I was melting.  :D  And drank lots of water!  The boys lived.  The moms (and dads) made it through.  And they now have lovely family portraits! And seriously, just look at the matriarch of this beautiful family! I've been photographing these sweet kids since they were little.  I can't get over how grown they are!  Here are a few from the very first time they were in front of my camera almost 8 years ago at Norfolk Botanical Gardens. And some from the rest of the family over the years.  (Please don't judge - I obviously had some ...

Western Branch High School Prom Photos - Chesapeake VA Senior Portraits
Monday, May 14, 2018
Hampton Roads Family Portraits - Virginia Beach Family Pictures

A few weeks ago I received a text.  Stephanie didn't think I would be available to photograph Sarah the night of the Western Branch High School prom, but wanted to check anyway, just in case.  I'm so happy I was available!  It had been some time since I'd done prom photos (it seems I'm not available when the time rolls around), so I had some ideas of things I wanted to try.  Stephanie explained Sarah wanted to have the images done at her grandparents' home in Virginia Beach, not Chesapeake, since it is special to her.  Of course that means the world to me!  When you want images created at a place special in your heart, it's that much more special to me.  ;)Stephanie's parents' home is quite literally a photographer's playground!  I cannot wait to return for Sarah's senior portraits!  For now, here are some of the images we created before the Western Branch High School prom.Sarah and Josh were AMAZING!  I won't share how long they let me play.  LOL Much thanks to Stephanie's parents for their gracious hosting and allowing me to romp through their home and property!  I hope Sarah and Josh had a super fun evening! 

Hampton Roads Senior Photographer - Internationally Published!
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Hampton Roads Family Portraits - Virginia Beach Family Pictures

I'm so far behind with blogging!  This post is quite a bit overdue.The September 2017 issue of shutter magazine is important to me for a few reasons.  While having an image featured in the inspirations section is absolutely THRILLING, it's not something I would typically share here.  Sure, I shared a video on my personal Facebook profile, but that was showing my son's reaction to seeing himself in print....in an international magazine anyone could buy at their local Barnes & Noble!  He was incredibly excited to say the least! So why am I sharing it here?  Well, oddly enough, Skip Cohen's article, which is the one article I look forward to and enjoy the most every month, was titled, Shoot for Success with Self Promotion.  The article basically discusses how as photographers (the magazine is for professional photographers), we need to promote our work and ourselves.  To quote Skip,"Many photographers act as if they've got a top-notch publicist on their payroll, and do nothing to promote their business or brand.  They act as if self-promotion is a dirty word and not something worthy of their time, when in reality it's one of the most important aspects of building any business."Well hello - Mr. Cohen was speaking directly to me!!  Right here, in this magazine which chose one of my images to feature!  So, here you go.  ...

Outer Banks Family Beach Portraits - Corolla NC Family Pictures Currituck
Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Hampton Roads Family Portraits - Virginia Beach Family Pictures

We met the lovely 'F' family in Corolla for beach portraits this past summer.  This beautiful family travels to the Outer Banks of North Carolina each year from NJ - it's tradition!  This month this incredibly sweet couple is celebrating their 50th anniversary and chose family pictures to commemorate this special occasion rather than the usual party.  I love this! I so enjoyed every phone conversation leading up to and following our time together.  It felt like I was talking with family each and every time, a testament to how amazing they truly are! Extra special is that I would speak with them as a couple.  They would each get on an extension.  How sweet is that?!The kids and grandkids live about an hour away from their grandparents, yet they are a very close family and spend lots of time together. The girls are major softball players from what I’ve been told. Like world series players! There is a world series in Virginia they've attended. Their dad was almost a professional baseball player and helps with coaching the girls. Grandma is so proud of all of them!Family photos are so important to all in this family!The kids and grandkids do family pictures each year for Christmas cards.  Grandma creates albums for each grandchild every year for their birthday. As soon as I heard this, I knew they were the perfect clients. These Outer ...

Happy Holidays
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Hampton Roads Family Portraits - Virginia Beach Family Pictures

The studio is currently closed for the holiday season.  Please click the button below.  We wish you the happiest of holiday seasons!