Babies & Children

Did you know that photographs and portraits throughout the home help to increase your child’s self-esteem?  There have been actual studies done on this...and they do!  We work to help raise the confidence of children throughout our time with them.  This extends beyond the portraits displayed in your home.  We value their thoughts and opinions regarding their portrait session and encourage them to express themselves...sometimes to the dismay of parents.  No worries - we will make what you are looking for as well.  However, this helps to earn our littlest clients' trust.  And we often find that these images are Mom's favorites!  ;)

Time is fleeting, and our children change so quickly!  Many moms get their child’s school portraits and think that is enough, but they are going through so many changes.

We love to make portraits of them, as they are right now.  Who they truly are.

Braces.  Or not.  (We love before & afters!)
Goofy grin.  Pensive look.  Or a smile that lights up the entire room.
Their soulful eyes.  And their crazy hair.

Who is your child?  If this was a chapter in their life, what would the title be?  Tell us who they are, and we will show you!