I was inspired to start Michelle Kirnan Photography by my son.  He is inspiring in so many ways!  He works every day to overcome the first four years of his life, those before he became a part of our family.  The effects of those first few years are long lasting to say the least. I often say he is our little starfish, referring to the Starfish Story by Loren Eiseley.  While we cannot save every starfish, we do our best to help those we can.  We adopted Cody after serving as his foster parents for four years.  All of our pups were adopted from our local animal shelter.  Obviously, adoption is an important part of our lives, and it has enriched our lives so much more than we ever imagined!  Our babies have all saved us much more than we have “saved” them.


Volunteering our services for causes close to our heart is so rewarding! 


Below is an image of my son working with one of the sweet babies during adoption portraits at our local animal shelter.

Giving Back

I am passionate about adoption portraits!  I believe showing their true beauty will help these babies to be connected with individuals looking to enrich their lives with the love of a pet. Providing these portraits led me to apply for membership with HeARTs Speak, a group of artists and animal advocates whose mission is to create a united voice for animals through art, providing professional services to animal welfare organizations.  I am so proud to be a member since my acceptance in 2014.


There are so many children in need of families!  We are an authorized Red Thread Sessions Photographer, donating sessions for adoptive families of all types.


Some of the local organizations we have worked with:



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