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Amelia's Desserts - Things To Do In Chesapeake VA
Friday, December 14, 2018
Amelia's Desserts - Things To Do In Chesapeake VA

It was my "little" guy's birthday recently.  He's a teen and doesn't care much to spend time with me or his father.  That's fine - it's completely normal!  But just like other parents, I'm not too happy about it. So in an effort to get him away from his video games and spend quality time together, one of his birthday gifts was a cookie decorating class for the two of us with Amelia's Desserts in Chesapeake.  I was so blown away by the entire experience I felt compelled to share!Allow me to begin by saying Amy has created a wonderful experience and incredible brand.  I'm in awe!  Be sure to check her website for the story of Amelia, which you can find here.  I totally felt like an Amelia, creating (not baking as the tagline says since the cookies were already baked for us) small things with love, by the end of a lovely evening!  My teen enjoyed it as well...and it involved spending time with me rather than a video game!  :DThis first cookie below was actually one of the last we did.  Amy had created the cake pops and cookie base for us.  We simply had to create the snow and add the tree and snowman.  So stinking cute! I'm not sure I can eat any of these, as much as I love sugar cookies, because they're so pretty! Amy made learning the decorating techniques so simple.  It was relaxing to "work" on the ...

Exciting Announcement! - National Association of Professional Child Photographers Ambassador
Friday, March 03, 2017
Amelia's Desserts - Things To Do In Chesapeake VA

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind around here at MKP!  Shortly before leaving for Destin, Florida to attend SYNC, I applied for the ambassador program at National Association of Professional Child Photographers.  I've been a member of NAPCP for a couple of years now, and as far as I know, there are no other local members, including Southside Hampton Roads in Virginia as well as Northeastern North Carolina.  Therefore, whenever there is a gathering, there is nothing local.  I've never attended one!  What is a gathering and what is an ambassador, you may ask?  From the NAPCP website:"An extension of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers, the NAPCP Ambassador Program takes an active role in building thriving communities of artists committed to growing their skills, their artistry, and their business. NAPCP Ambassadors are literally the eyes, ears, and face of the global association, kindling personal relationships and connections on a local level. By fostering connections and conversations, NAPCP Ambassadors enable the compassionate collaboration that is a hallmark of the NAPCP vision." You may also be wondering what any of this has to do with SYNC!  Well, I will share more about SYNC at a later date as I am still processing it all.  It was an amazing experience, leaving me feeling ...

Still Using That Old Snapshot on Your Facebook or LinkedIn Business Page? - NC Headshot Photographer
Monday, January 23, 2017
Amelia's Desserts - Things To Do In Chesapeake VA

Did you know Michelle Kirnan Photography offers a comprehensive corporate portrait service?  Portraits are created in the studio or on location, including at your office, using high-quality, professional equipment and techniques.  Represent yourself in the best possible light with up-to-date professional images! We offer: Efficient appointments at convenient timesDelivery of your images via digital downloadSwift turnaround timeProfessional lighting standards Pricing starts at $150 for in studio, and we offer discounts for groups. Our individual, in studio sessions are currently on special for $100.  Don't delay as this is available for a limited time only, through February! To schedule your session please contact the studio!  We'd love to work with you!  

Studio Tour - Michelle Kirnan Photography
Tuesday, November 22, 2016
Amelia's Desserts - Things To Do In Chesapeake VA

I cannot believe that I'm going to say this, but I'm excited to share with you some images of the studio!  :) I began this business with meeting clients in our great room.  It was fine.  A pain to clean with three dogs and a teenage son (LOL) but fine.  We have a large enough TV for showing clients their images.  Then I moved client meetings into the dining room.  Steve would have to move the TV in there whenever I had a client coming.  Then Cody would need to watch TV in there after school sometimes, before Steve came home and could move it back.  Meetings felt more professional, but it still wasn't what I wanted nor was it convenient for the rest of the family. I've been working over the last few months to move client meetings into the studio...the small studio where I shoot and also have my office area with a very large desk.  I now have too many samples to tote around easily.  It is important to me that clients feel welcome and comfortable and are able to view samples easily as well as their images.  It's been a journey to get here, and as with most journeys, it is not over, but it is at least presentable and getting closer to what I have envisioned.  Well, not really, but it meets the important needs.  ;)  Since I began working full time some time ago, I've been working to "brand" my office ...