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What Do You Do With Your Senior Portraits?
Friday, February 22, 2019
What Do You Do With Your Senior Portraits?

I've been busy lately with designing and finalizing albums for the class of 2019.  This is something I absolutely love to do!  I remember being afraid of albums in the beginning of MKP.  And now it's something I believe we're known for, which makes my heart happy.  You see, one of the things I love most about my business is that it pushes me through my fears.  And in this case, among others, I find I had nothing to fear at all.  I actually love the very thing I feared!Anyway, I see so many who are thrilled to get hundreds of images from their photographer.  This seems especially true with high school seniors.  I see many images shared on social media.  And it breaks my heart.  Why?  Because I fear that's about all that will be done with those images. Oh, maybe they will print out a gift sized print or two, or possibly a few more to share with family.I mean, so many of the poses and expressions are the same!  Why are hundreds upon hundreds images needed?  Well, here at MKP I shoot for the album.  It's what the best wedding photographers do, so why not a portrait photographer as well?  As I'm working with a client at their session, I try for variety of imagery of course.  In the beginning I work to determine the client's best side.  Their best smile.  Their best "serious look".  I do ...

Amelia's Desserts - Things To Do In Chesapeake VA
Friday, December 14, 2018
What Do You Do With Your Senior Portraits?

It was my "little" guy's birthday recently.  He's a teen and doesn't care much to spend time with me or his father.  That's fine - it's completely normal!  But just like other parents, I'm not too happy about it. So in an effort to get him away from his video games and spend quality time together, one of his birthday gifts was a cookie decorating class for the two of us with Amelia's Desserts in Chesapeake.  I was so blown away by the entire experience I felt compelled to share!Allow me to begin by saying Amy has created a wonderful experience and incredible brand.  I'm in awe!  Be sure to check her website for the story of Amelia, which you can find here.  I totally felt like an Amelia, creating (not baking as the tagline says since the cookies were already baked for us) small things with love, by the end of a lovely evening!  My teen enjoyed it as well...and it involved spending time with me rather than a video game!  :DThis first cookie below was actually one of the last we did.  Amy had created the cake pops and cookie base for us.  We simply had to create the snow and add the tree and snowman.  So stinking cute! I'm not sure I can eat any of these, as much as I love sugar cookies, because they're so pretty! Amy made learning the decorating techniques so simple.  It was relaxing to "work" on the ...

Hampton Roads Senior Photographer - Internationally Published!
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
What Do You Do With Your Senior Portraits?

I'm so far behind with blogging!  This post is quite a bit overdue.The September 2017 issue of shutter magazine is important to me for a few reasons.  While having an image featured in the inspirations section is absolutely THRILLING, it's not something I would typically share here.  Sure, I shared a video on my personal Facebook profile, but that was showing my son's reaction to seeing himself in an international magazine anyone could buy at their local Barnes & Noble!  He was incredibly excited to say the least! So why am I sharing it here?  Well, oddly enough, Skip Cohen's article, which is the one article I look forward to and enjoy the most every month, was titled, Shoot for Success with Self Promotion.  The article basically discusses how as photographers (the magazine is for professional photographers), we need to promote our work and ourselves.  To quote Skip,"Many photographers act as if they've got a top-notch publicist on their payroll, and do nothing to promote their business or brand.  They act as if self-promotion is a dirty word and not something worthy of their time, when in reality it's one of the most important aspects of building any business."Well hello - Mr. Cohen was speaking directly to me!!  Right here, in this magazine which chose one of my images to feature!  So, here you go.  ...

Nature on Monday - Landscape Photographer
Monday, July 31, 2017
What Do You Do With Your Senior Portraits?

Nature on Monday - Macro Photographer
Monday, June 26, 2017
What Do You Do With Your Senior Portraits?

I captured this beauty while in Stowe, Vermont last year.  I am so looking forward to visiting again soon - in just a couple of weeks!  :)  We are going a bit earlier than usual this year....this means I may have different things to photograph.  ;)