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Norfolk VA Senior Photos - Currituck County High School Senior Portraits
Monday, March 11, 2019
Norfolk VA Senior Photos - Currituck County High School Senior Portraits

It's been quite awhile since we've shared a video here on our site, so I thought this might be a good time to do so. I absolutely adored Sara's gallery.  We scheduled sessions for downtown Norfolk, including Starbucks (this was my first request for a session at Starbucks!), the Outer Banks, and of course the studio.  Sara had such variety in her imagery, from nighttime in the urban city to a soft, flowing tulle skirt on the beach!  I had difficulty culling her images because of this variety, and while the gallery we presented was quite large, Sara and her mom, Sally, did a fantastic job with selecting their images...and we had a great time doing it!  :)I loved every moment working with this sweet girl and her mom!  We began their selection and ordering appointment with the following video. Be sure to view in HD!  Please note most images have NOT been retouched.  (We of course retouch all images purchased.)  ;) I met Sara when I spoke with the yearbook staff at Currituck County High School in the spring of 2018.  Sara was a junior at the time, and this year she is serving as the head editor of the yearbook.  I'm so excited for her and love hearing her talk with such passion about the yearbook!  I can't wait to see it!  She will be studying communications following graduation, and I know she has a bright ...

JP Knapp Senior Photos - Elizabeth City Senior Portraits
Monday, October 15, 2018
Norfolk VA Senior Photos - Currituck County High School Senior Portraits

Continuing with sharing the backlog of sessions we have, we thought we'd share Brandi's senior portraits.  Brandi graduated from J.P. Knapp Early College in Currituck earlier this year.  Class of 2018.  As a senior model, she had several sessions, including downtown Elizabeth City, a farm in Currituck, and the beach in the Outer Banks, as well as here in our Moyock studio.  We'll start with a few favorites from Brandi's studio session.  This sweet girl was so fun to work with!  She took direction so well for her posing and expressions. We had a fabulous time in Elizabeth City, although the weather was not being kind.  If I recall correctly, we had to reschedule.  And it then stormed on my way to the session.  However, all was well by the start of the session.  Yay!This first image is one of my all time favorites, and a framed portrait hangs in our office meeting space. From Elizabeth City, we headed to a friend's farm and barn in Currituck.  We have so many clients who want some rustic images.  I was grateful for the crops because....hello gorgeous!  The golden tones were perfect with her hair.Brandi's makeup was on point!!  Again, another framed portrait for our meeting space. Brandi's mom, Heather, joined us for her beach session in the Outer Banks.  There were so many favorites ...

Currituck County High School Senior Photos - Moyock Senior Portraits
Sunday, September 30, 2018
Norfolk VA Senior Photos - Currituck County High School Senior Portraits

Choosing a senior photographer can be difficult.  I get it, really I do!  We have some fabulous photographers in our area.  So when I heard from Gregory's mom, I was super excited.  I loved working with this sweet family a couple years ago for family portraits.  This afternoon Gregory's sister is coming in for a back to school limited edition portrait session, and I've seen this guy a couple times for his senior portraits with at least one more to go. I realized I hadn't yet shared a sneak peek of Gregory.  I don't often do sneak peeks.  I prefer the client be the first to see their images!  However, I can share studio images as our clients see these images as they're created.  So here you of our favorites from Gregory's studio session.  I absolutely adore this image and this guy! I share often my love for a black on black portrait.  It's not easy to create, but Gregory nailed it here!  I'm so grateful Gregory and his mom, Theresa, chose us for his senior portraits, and I can't wait to share them all.  :) 

Western Branch High School Senior Photos - Chesapeake VA Senior Portraits
Saturday, September 15, 2018
Norfolk VA Senior Photos - Currituck County High School Senior Portraits

Sarah is our first senior from Western Branch High School in Chesapeake.  You may remember we did Sarah's prom pictures earlier this year.  You can find them here.  I was super excited to hear from Sarah's mom, Stephanie, when she initially called to inquire about prom photos.  I know Stephanie and, Sarah's dad, Keith, from many years ago, when the two of them first met.  Keith was my boss in I first began in commercial banking.  I love when friends from the past inquire about portraits!  I not only get to photograph them but also the chance to become reacquainted.  It's so much fun! Sarah and Stephanie came to the studio this afternoon to hang out for a bit.  Oh you know, just for five hours.  I seriously love working in the studio where we don't have to worry about clouds, rain, and nasty humidity.  I cranked the a/c earlier this morning so it was the perfect environment!  :)  I think Sarah and Stephanie had a great time as well.  At least I hope so, especially considering how long I kept them!  Sarah was a trooper, and I could tell when she was reaching her limit for the day.  I mean, five hours is quite a bit of modeling.  And it's tough being a model...even when you're as stunning as Sarah.Stephanie and Sarah were able to choose their favorites as we were shooting.  We all ...

Elizabeth City Senior Portraits - JP Knapp Senior Pictures
Monday, September 10, 2018
Norfolk VA Senior Photos - Currituck County High School Senior Portraits

I think it's about time, now that we're photographing the class of 2019, we finally get around to sharing images from the class of 2018, no?  Geez - so little time, so much to do!I believe Ashlea was our first 2018 model to sign up.  (You know, back when we had a senior model experience program.)  I am so super excited to have had the opportunity to work with Ashlea and her family!  I've watched this beauty grow since I first began the business, or at least shortly thereafter.  This wasn't my first time photographing her, but it had been too long since she'd been in front of my camera.Ashlea is not shy in front of my lens.  I love her sweet, fun, caring personality!  She's comfortable with who she is, and I adore this about her!  Ashlea's loves include her family, Lord of the Rings, theater, dance, 1950's style clothing, and vintage styling.  She has such a big heart.  Ashlea has contacted me when she's observed others not being kind to my son, and she does what she can to protect him and others.  She's so talented - I've so enjoyed watching her perform. As a senior experience model, Ashlea had several portrait sessions, including in the studio and Elizabeth City.  I love the locations her father found in Elizabeth City, and I like that we were able to include that vintage vibe Ashlea likes.Ashlea and her parents ...