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Before & After - Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Tuesday - Elizabeth City Photographer
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Before & After - Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Tuesday - Elizabeth City Photographer

Today I'd like to share a little behind the scenes - a little of what goes on in my mind and world when creating clients' images.  Whenever I've shared before and afters on social media in the past, it has seemed that people are very interested.  I thought it might be a fun to share a bit more about the process, bringing it here to the blog where it's easier to share more.  ;) Last week we had a session with Brandi.  I was a bit worried.  Why?  Well, all of the rain had us cancelling sessions for weeks!  This time of year my schedule is a bit tight to begin with due to more to schedule (spring is of course popular).  The rain is not my friend, for sure!  And of course it was raining the day of Brandi's session.  Then there would be times of clearing, with dramatic cloud-filled skies - something I love.  Brandi's mom and I were in contact throughout the day, and we decided to go ahead with the session.  As I was loading the truck about an hour and a half before our session was scheduled to begin, I could see another storm moving in.  It rained...again.  Then cleared...again.  And as I loaded my camera bag to get on the road to Elizabeth City, it began to pour!  I held out hope that it would once again clear.  And it did.  As it turned out, we had a lovely evening for a ...

When is the best time for professional portraits of your child? Hampton Roads VA Teen Photographer
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Before & After - Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Tuesday - Elizabeth City Photographer

I realized just last week that it is time for some updated portraits of my teenage son.  Why now specifically?  Well, this is his last year in middle school.  And honestly, I haven't been as diligent as I should be with updating his portraits (outside of his sportraits).  Oops! But here's the thing.  I realized that not only am I not alone, but not everyone knows the best times for professional portraits.  I shared a post on the top seven reasons to hire a professional, which you can find here, but when?  When is it best to make an investment in professional portraits? There are certain times that I think are important to create these heirlooms for our children.For your child's tenth birthday ("double digits").When your child is moving up from elementary school to middle school.When your child is moving up from middle school to high school.When your child gets braces.When your child's braces are removed.Big life changes!  I believe in sportraits as well, which have kept me quite busy for my guy this year!  :) Why do I suggest these particular times for professional portraits?  These are the forgotten years.  Admit it.  You probably started off with all kinds of pictures of your kids when they were little, right?  We all do!  They're so fun and cute!  And then life gets busy, and the ...

7 Tips for Your Best Headshots
Tuesday, February 14, 2017
Before & After - Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Tuesday - Elizabeth City Photographer

Headshots are not just for professionals anymore!  We see headshots of everyday people as we browse social media. What does your profile picture say about you?  Have you considered hiring a professional photographer?  A professional can help to create the best for you, with professional lighting and posing.  There are, however, some things you can do to ensure a great headshot is created. Here are some suggestions to put your best face forward for your next head shot portrait! Know your intentions.What will your headshots be used for? Will you need portrait or landscape orientated images? Any particular colors? Do you prefer something more traditional and formal, or more relaxed and editorial? Natural light or studio? Consider your audience and intended use. For instance, if you will be using your image on your website, we like to coordinate with the colors on your site. Do you need an image to fit something in particular, such as a business card? Are you looking for images that convey confidence and power or warmth and friendliness? Do you wear glasses?If so, contact your optician and borrow a pair of empty frames for the day of your session. We can always work to minimize glare of course, but there is still refraction. Hydrate your skin.In order to best prepare your skin, please refrain from consuming alcohol or caffeine for about ...

7 Reasons to Choose a Professional Photographer for Your Portraits
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Before & After - Tips, Tricks & Tutorials Tuesday - Elizabeth City Photographer

This is something I’ve been working on for months. It’s long, but I feel it’s important, so I hope you can find the time to stick with it. It breaks my heart when I see someone have pictures done by a friend or neighbor…someone, anyone, who isn’t a professional. Sure, it’s fine in many cases. When you’re looking for some snapshots. When it is time for something meaningful and special, this is when I encourage you to consider the following. I’m talking about display-worthy family portraits, the birth of a child, a special wedding anniversary, or senior portraits. The important things! (This also applies to weddings of course, but as a portrait photographer, I wrote this specifically for portraits.) GearIt’s true what they say – the gear does not make you a professional. What exactly does this mean? Well, a professional does not rely on the gear to make great images. A professional can create a great image with any camera, including a phone. Anyone can pick up a pro level camera and take a mediocre image or even a not so great one. Photography is an art and it takes skill! Diving a little deeper, the camera used makes a difference as well as the lens. For instance, some cameras create larger files, which can be used to create larger, higher quality products more easily. Also, the age of the camera ...